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Hail The Sun Remixes EP


Hail the sun - Remixes (vinyl EP)


Akasha’s blend of live instrumentation, mysterious vocals and found sounds has always been ripe and ready fruit for the adventurous remix artist to get their teeth into ever since their early days on the Wall of Sound label.

Luminaries who have re-worked Akasha in the past include Kruder and Dorfmeister, Groove Armada , Simon Ratcliffe (Bassment Jaxx), Les Rythmes Digitales and Jerry Dammers .

Captain Supernova’s Hail The Sun is a synth laden cosmic excursion which  layers up gated female vocals in a blissed out late summer pre club spin.

The Listening Center drops Clearlight into a trance like Kraftwerkesque endless tube ride, all vintage beat boxes, analogue filters and maths flute.

Boyscout’s Hail The Sun offers a more broken dark, subby take, floating points style whilst Sawbones’ Electron Remix mix is pure electro filth four to the floor with Georgio Moroder like bass synths and fractured guitar lines drifting in together with obscure vocal samples ...”The Electron AND the Neutron”..very cool.

More about the mixers...

Sawbones -  a new outlet for genre-free electronic deviations from Neil Beatnik. Neil has been making records for 20 years, first on Wall of Sound in the 90s (Rootless, Dirty Beatniks), later as part of Padded Cell on DC Recordings. He has produced remixes for the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Bryan Ferry, The Doves, INXS, Lo-Fi Allstars, Sly Mongoose and The Glimmers, as well as DJing and live electronic performances all around the world.

Sawbones is inspired by a love of classic electronic music from the past 40 years as well as the weirder and wilder side of soul, disco and outsider pop.

Captain Supernova -  an American Astronaut and a multi-instrumentalist. In 1979, He was mission commander on a top secret US government mission “Project IO”. The objective of the mission was to interact with extraterrestrial life with synthesizers in outer space. He set out on this mission in the specially designed space shuttle “Imaginary Voyager”. The space shuttle is equipped with a variety of different synthesizers and the most advanced technology of that time to interact with other extraterrestrial life. 

Boy Scout - Is the remix alias of upcoming producer and engineer Greg Freeman. Greg has worked with some of todays most exciting talents, Portico Quartet, Peter Gregson and Goldfrapp to name a few.

Listening Center - The alias of New York drummer and electronic musician, David Mason. Drawing primarily from influences such as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, lost film/TV soundtracks, and Kosmische Musik, Listening Center presents a patchwork of imagined pasts/futures, in which the listener can make his or her way through an undergrowth of dream-like melodies and electronic sound palettes which have the effect of being now reassuring, now unsettling.


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