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Down By The River



TreeHouse 44 is pleased to announce the release of “Down By The River” by Jerimiah Marques, the second in the series of the “Live at Rimshot” sessions.

A blues heart and a reggae soul, this is Jerimiah Marques.  For thirty years Jerimiah has built a reputation as an outstanding vocalist and performer – blending the roles of singer and shaman as he takes you on a journey that captures both down-home blues and sweet Caribbean vibes.

Many performers seek authenticity, but Jerimiah breathes it, winning the hearts and ears of audiences throughout his own very unique career.

“Down By The River” is a journey – Jerimiah Marques’ very own musical journey!

The “Live at Rimshot” Sessions

Shortly after completing the construction of the truly unique Rimshot Studios (home to the amazing original London Decca valve control desk amidst a host of other beautiful sonic wizardry), studio founder and producer Mike Thorne assembled some of Europe’s finest blues musicians and earmarked two distinct vocalists to work with, Chad Strentz and Jerimiah Marques.

The intention was simple – to put the new studio through its paces and, in the space of just one week, record two albums “the old-fashioned way”, capturing performances “live in the studio” and creating a unique audio documentary of the artists’ talent and performance.

Chad’s album “Shake-Down” was released late 2014, and now it is the turn of “Down By The River”. 

Mike explains his reasons behind choosing Jerimiah for this very specific set of recordings:

“Some artists are writers, some artists are storytellers – Jeri is a storyteller, as well as being a remarkable and unique performer. 

We started with a selection of classic songs that would be the vehicle for Jeri’s voice, huge personality and life experiences.

These are songs that Jeri grew up with and as such he lives and breathes them. They are the perfect way to tell his story.

We wanted to capture lightning in a bottle, that magical “live moment”, and we think these sessions reflect that - exciting, raw and full of energy, recorded and mixed to tape and untouched by computer editing.  What you hear is exactly what went down!

For an extra kick, we purposefully took Jeri out of his comfort zone and put him with a group of amazing and experienced musicians that he’d never worked with before. These guys, some of the most experienced Blues musicians in Europe, can turn on a dime, whichever way Jeri goes, and you can hear the excitement and energy that the musicians and Jeri create in each other and feed off of.

Whether it’s the raw and powerful opening track, “It Hurts Me Too”, which Jeri launches with his charismatic voice, or the album’s closing track – an intimate recording of the Ska song “Down By The Riverside”, which features the sorely missed, late Pete Nash (Jeri’s long-time friend and bandleader) and was recorded informally at home - you can hear Jeri (and the band!) take a journey, a journey that is almost impossible to resist.

They don't make ‘em like this anymore – Jeri or the album!”


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Jeremiah Marques - Down by the River
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It Hurts Me Too
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Ain't That Lovin' You
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Howlin' Wolf
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Moaning' At Midnight
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Honey Bee
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How Long Blues
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Shotgun Boogie
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Vicksburg Blues
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Worried Life Blues
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Tiger Man
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I Wanna Ramble
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Ska Interlude
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Down By The Riverside
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Heavy Load
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