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This new label is an exciting joint venture between One Tree Limited (promotions and artist representation) and Rimshot Productions Limited (a fantastic new boutique studio in Kent that plays home to Decca's original valve control desk amongst other sonic wizardry). With an A&R policy of showcasing the very finest in British roots music, discovering new talent and unearthing hidden gems, TreeHouse44 is proud to announce our arrival as an independent label on the music scene.

Why TreeHouse 44?

Well the tree element is kind of evident from the One Tree side of the business collaboration, but the name also reflects the unique nature of Rimshot Studios - a bespoke green oak barn built from the ground up to form the most amazing live room for recording, so lot's of "tree" involved there too!

"The "Forty Four" comes from an old Howlin' Wolf blues track, the blues was our common ground and really the reason that Mike Thorne (TreeHouse44 co-founder) and I met way before launching the label.  So that bit just felt right and it's a tune we were both hooked on!" explains Graeme Miall (the other TH44 co-founder!).